The Beer Courier

When Uncle Pete drives to the liquor store in a drunken haze, he causes a freak accident which propels the piccolo of the next door hotel on to the hood of his car.

Losing his drivers licence in this unfortunate incident, he realizes this wouldn’t have happened if he could’ve just ordered beer at home. “Hmm, beer delivery? That’s not a bad idea” Convinced he has just found a new get-rich-quick scheme, he recruits his three underachieving nephews and starts up:
“The Beer Courier”

But nothing ever goes quite right in this over-the-top comedy show, in which the eccentric characters (driven by greed and incompetence) dive continuously deeper into a comedic cesspool of lies, deceit and failure. 

The Beer Courier – Brewed with punch, stirred with action and flavored with dark comedy.